For many years Hawaii has been considered a tourist hotspot attracting millions of visitors on an annual basis.  This Pacific island state is a location that people visit to seek out pleasure and excitement, and it never disappoints – if you know where to go and what to do, you should probably try Pearl Harbor tours.  As one of the youngest states in the USA, Hawaii is a group of islands forming what is known as the Hawaiian island chain.  The tourist island of Hawaii is the largest of the islands, also known as the ‘big island, and is one of the most populated areas.  This article will discuss the ‘big island’ and the different activities one can enjoy when in Hawaii.

Island Tour

•    The Five Volcanoes

When landing in Hawaii, it is common to be overwhelming by its beauty and the clear blue waters.  To begin the vacation, it is recommended that you embrace the beauty and start the sight-seeing with a visit to the five volcanoes.  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the place to see nature at work, and you can enjoy Mt. Kilauea pouring hot molten lava into the ocean.  In fact, this pouring of molten lava into the ocean is a process of land creation, so you are viewing a new island being created!

•    Hiking And Camping

If you are seeking to unravel the secrets of Hawaii’s natural beauty, then it is recommended you hike up the various walking trails.  Hosmer’s Grove is an enchanting area where you can hike, camp and enjoy the forest.

•    Visiting The Beaches

One of the most popular activities for a visitor to Hawaii is a trip to the white sandy beaches.  Hawaii has some of the best beaches on the globe, including the famous Lanikai beach in the Oahu region of the island.  This is a particularly popular option for honeymooners or people on a romantic getaway because its turquoise waters are easily reached, but are also slightly secluded for privacy.

•    Snorkeling

Water sports are a major attraction for tourists on this beautiful island state and snorkeling is the most popular option.  In the Malokini crater off the coast of the Maui Island, it is possible to snorkel in the clear waters up to 100 feet deep.

•    Golfing

If you are not a fan of water sports or hiking, it may be worthwhile to consider the less adventurous activities such as golfing.  Hawaii recently became one of the golfing hotspots, and many people plan golfing vacations to the island.  Two of the well-known golf courses include the Turtle Bay Palmer course and the Princeville Course.