Could an Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Help You Save Water?

You’ve probably heard about hosepipe bans and sprinkler bans, and how excessive use of sprinklers and hosepipes can waste valuable water during the summer months. In many parts of the world, there are droughts and water shortages, and if we’re wasting water on our lawns, that means that crops could be going to waste. There are a lot of resources on how to conserve water during the summer or you can go here to see how much it will cost you to install automatic lawn sprinklers to avoid water wasting.

Image result for automatic lawn sprinklersAutomatic lawn sprinkler systems could actually help with this issue, by allowing us to water our lawns at a time of day when the sun isn’t directly overhead, and only if the lawn actually needs it. By spacing out the sprinklers appropriately, and making sure that they are triggered for a short period early in the morning or late evening, when the sun isn’t going to just make the water evaporate, we can make sure that the water gets to penetrate the soil and nourish the grass, instead of just sitting on the surface of some hard, baked dry soil, to evaporate over time.

This saves you time compared to watering the lawn by hand, and hopefully will result in less water waste too. Now, it’s true that watering your lawn with gallons of water when it’s hot outside and the average rainfall for the month is barely measurable in millimetres, but if you want to keep your plants alive then some watering is a good idea.

You should still pay attention to the local news and to local authority guidelines. Don’t waste water if you don’t need to – use grey water systems to recycle toilet or kitchen waste. Try to find ways to protect delicate plants from the harshness of the sun. Do some watering by hand for the plants that need it the most, and let the automatic lawn sprinkler do the work for the hardier grass.

If you have a metered water supply, then be aware that sprinklers can go through an awful lot of water. Limit the number of times the system triggers throughout the day, and the amount of time it runs for. If the sprinklers have multiple flow settings, use a more limited setting so that you don’t waste any more water than you need to. All these things will pay off in the long term, and leave you with a much more effective system that will use only the amount of water that you need, and that will save you money too.

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